Human woman, Viceroy within the Order of the Magi.


Stephanie was born in a village not far from Bradena and spent her first several years there. At the age of five, the White Serpent Brotherhood attacked and left her family slaughtered, and the village destroyed. She hid in the ruins of her home until a sorceress passing through the area found her. This sorceress brought her to the Order of the Magi, who then raised her and trained her to be a sorceress like the one who rescued her.

Stephanie helped the party destroy Deularla’s Mask. Despite the Order’s official stance of not giving aid to the Empire, Stephanie recognized the severity of the situation and is helping the party in an unofficial capacity.

Stephanie was chastised by Henrietta Longshore for aiding the party without permission of the Order, but she was allowed to participate in the mission to take down Deularla Wysathana. After the party weakened Deularla, Stephanie was able to seal her away inside the mask, and then destroy it. Despite the objections of Longshore, Grandmaster Paul Favier granted Stephanie the position of Viceroy of Eastern Volian Operations within the Order of Magi.


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