Henrietta Longshore

Master of Order of Magi in Volius


Henrietta Longshore’s reputation is staggering, both as a wizard and as a leader. Her encyclopedic knowledge of wizard’s tomes made a strong impression on Order leaders early on in her career, and her ruthless pragmatism in expelling the onslaught of wights from Reyshire in 999 solidified her reputation as one of the best the Order had to offer. After the passing of Grandmaster Derek Verot in 105, Longshore was given the title of Master in Volius, and Paul Favier was promoted from Master of Volius to Grandmaster. She has been in charge of the Volius Order ever since.

Longshore’s leadership has differed from the other Masters. In other lands, members of the Order often spread out and live their lives as they please, only returning to Order halls in times of emergency, for materials or books, or if they’re passing through the area. In Volius, Order members are encouraged to make Order halls their homes and form their communities around these halls, and the physical expansion of guild halls has reflected that.

Henrietta Longshore

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