Jared Morrows

Imperial soldier seeking Hrithik's mother


Jared Morrows is a human soldier from the Empire. He is even-tempered and diligent, and generally regarded as a loyal soldier. He reported to Aruna, Hrithik’s mother, during her campaign into Yar V’tel ten years ago, and he apparently had a very close relationship with her.

Two years ago, Aruna went missing while on a diplomatic mission to Isldorei in Yar V’tel, and Jared has done everything he can to bring her back. Unfortunately soon after her disappearance, Imperials were banned from entering Yar V’tel, so the Empire has not sent anyone to look for her, deeming her not important enough to risk igniting an international incident.

After the defeat of Deularla Wysathana, Hrithik Pastorius’s name spread across Volius because of his involvement. Jared, recognizing the name Pastorius from the stories Aruna told him of her past, sought out Hrithik to tell him of his mother’s fate and request for him to find her.

Jared was unable to continue with Hrithik after he departed for Yar V’tel, so he waits in the Imperial Outpost in the hopes that one day Hrithik will bring back his mother.

Jared Morrows

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