Deularla Wysathana

Infamous sorceress responsible for genocide


Her story is shrouded in mystery, some details purposefully concealed, and some lost to time. It is also likely that some details of the story are fabricated, to fit the agenda of any number of organizations and people who wanted her dead. Here is what is known for sure: nearly one hundred years ago, Deularla Wysathana was tasked by the Empress with purging all mages from Imperial lands. Deularla, known to be one of the most powerful sorceresses of her time (and perhaps all-time), accomplished her task mercilessly. She was trapped in a mask, and sealed away until 1011 2E. She was set free, and then sealed away again, but this time the power of the mask was removed, and the mask destroyed, ensuring that Deularla would never see the world again.

Why was she sealed after the Ascendance of the Magi? Some say she became greedy, and attempted to overthrow the Empress and take control of the Empire herself. Deularla herself would claim she merely wanted what she was promised for her deeds: the title of Grand Imperial Wizard, held then (and currently) by Xanotter Mordi. Though the reasoning is unclear, it is true that the Empress ordered Deularla to be sealed away, and that one hundred years later, ordered the mask to be taken to Melora’s Rest, where Xanotter Mordi then instructed the Heroes to destroy it.

It’s not easy to speak to Deularla’s character. Few knew her, and fewer speak of her. She routinely demonstrated ruthlessness, killing anyone standing in the way of her goals, but she was willing to talk with her enemies as well, though perhaps only to try and manipulate them. Vengeance consumed her, but one cannot say what she planned to do once she achieved her stated goal of killing the Empress.

Deularla Wysathana’s story was not well known outside of Imperial elites and the Order of Magi, but as people learn of her deeds in Reyshire, including the slaughter of countless mages and the murder of Chancellor Farthing, she will likely be remembered as one of history’s greatest monsters, though some sympathizers might view her as a tragic figure that was betrayed by her homeland.

Deularla Wysathana

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