The Cursed Flagon
Part 1, Chapter 4

As the party deliberated on which material to go find, Reginald announced that he would travel no further with the party, as he wanted to seek mercenary work.

I’m not in the business of saving the world. – Reginald

The party decided to first retrieve the cursed flagon, which could be found in the city of Craus, known equally for its artistic flair and wealthy aristocracy. The man they were looking for was Rando Elmere, a merchant and city council member who had possession of the flagon. Unfortunately, he had earlier sold it to a buyer from Daerun in Yar V’tel.

Before leaving town, the party met two elves: Wild Hawk, rebellious musician, and Ivillious, gentle father of three. They traveled through the Barrier Jungle and arrived at Daerun, the tower city.

Inside, they learned that the city had secluded its non-elf population to a single district in the tower. Their lives were miserable. The monarchy had recently accused the city of harboring Melora’s Children. Because of this, there was an intense military presence in the city.

Matters when complicated when it was discovered that the buyer of the flagon had been murdered, and his possessions taken.

The party discovered that Melora’s Children were indeed hiding in the city, acting as watchful protectors over the disenfranchised non-elves. They also were in possession of the flagon. The party defeated the guards of the flagon, retrieved it, then left the city immediately.

The Four Materials
Part 1, Chapter 3

On the journey to Elder Stone, Deularla’s Mask began to violently shake a glow a bright light. It stopped after a minute.

Once inside the walls of Elder Stone, the party began the search for Xanotter Mordi. They listened to a speech by General Marco Lindin detailing an agreement between Volius and the Olonian Empire. They worked through a love triangle involved Reginald, Fen, and Roxie. They also met Stephanie, a mage working with the Order of Magi. A few days later, she guided them to a temple at the top of the city where she believed a man fitting the description of Mordi could be found.

The temple was a trap, however, and a series of timed explosives sent the temple careening over the edge of the cliff. The party survived, though not without a brief fear that they had lost Fen. On the spot where the temple used to be was a secret path down into the mountain’s interior. Inside, they found Stephanie…who transformed into Xanotter Mordi.

Mordi was not willing to be of any accommodation to the party outside of providing the most basic information as to the nature of the mask. He explained that inside the mask, a powerful and dangerous sorceress named Deularla Wysathana was imprisoned. She was almost singularly responsible for killing off all the mages within the realms of the Olonian Empire during the Ascendance of the Magi. However, Deularla had her sights on controlling the Empire herself. Fearing her ambition, a wizard arranged plans for Deularla to be imprisoned in a mask, knowing Deularla was too powerful to be killed. Having blown his cover, he fled from Imperial authorities before he was able to destroy the mask. It ended up in the hands of the Empress herself. Years later, with the mask showing signs of activity for the first time in nearly a century, it was sent to Mordi, knowing he would be the only one with the knowledge to destroy it for good.

Knowledge, yes; intent, no. Claiming to have other burdens, Mordi explained to the party that four materials would need collected in order to destroy it, and sent the (reluctant) party out to find them. The real Stephanie confirmed Mordi’s story, and provided them the locations of the four materials: mystic water by Ethelton, a blessed stone by Sarton, an cursed flagon in Craus, and an ancient cloth in Bradena.

Trouble in Ramshorn
Part 1, Chapter 2

The party found Ramshorn, a squalid village of no more than twelve cottages. Ramshorn falls under the jurisdiction of Elder Stone, but the city has largely abandoned their needs. Some Imperial soldiers have taken up residence to protect the village from monsters.

The party, still traveling with Reginald, met George, the son of the village elder Frederick. The party learned that Xanotter Mordi likely traveled to the north. They followed Mordi’s trail all the way to an old dwarven ruin. Inside, they found Mordi’s bag, but moving it triggered the ruin’s trap, causing it to flood. They narrowly escaped. Upon examining the bag, they found an alchemical journal. It’s too complicated to decipher, but it contains a hint that Elder Stone was Mordi’s next destination.

The party returned to Ramshorn, only to find that it had been attacked by monsters. The Imperial soldiers slayed them, but not before George was killed. Frederick provided directions to Elder Stone, and the party continued on their journey.

The Search for Xanotter Mordi Begins
Part 1, Chapter 1

The party arrived in the Imperial Outpost, and the merchants they transported gave them monetary compensation as thanks since the death of Malek left them without a reward.

Their investigation brought them to the house of Xanotter Mordi. They found it had been wiped clean, save a scrap of paper that survived the fireplace. It simply read “liferoot,” a substance frequently used for alchemy. They tracked down some liferoot in the nearby forest, but were ambushed by some members of Melora’s Children, a group of extremists seeking to bring an end to organized government and regarded by the Empire as a terrorist organization. The party defeated the attackers, and found a map to a small village called Ramshorn. They departed, hoping to find Mordi there.

Through the World's End
Part 1, Prologue

For their own reasons, each party member independently joined up on a mission to protect a caravan transporting goods from Salyth to Melora’s Rest through a mountain range known to Salythians as the World’s End.

The party successfully navigated through the Encrach mountains. They formed bonds with each other, though some relationships are still tumultuous. During an attack from some bandits, the other mercenaries, with the exception of Reginald, were killed, and most merchants were slaughtered. The caravan master, Malek, was taken over the edge of a bridge when one of the horses for his carriage was shot with an arrow. Kesryn went to rescue him, but he died. His final words alerted her to the existence of a mask that he was supposed to bring to Xanotter Mordi in the Imperial Outpost, on the order of Empress Edraele herself. She retrieved the mask from the wreckage of the carriage. Kindness felt a dark energy coming from it. Kesryn reluctantly decided to share this information with the party. They all agreed, for their own reasons, to take the mask to the Imperial Outpost.


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